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Construction & Manufacturing challenges.

With the evolving needs of construction and manufacturing, ChangeEngine is an essential solution for workforce communication. Our platform effectively connects dispersed teams, particularly those with limited email access, and emphasizes DEIB, ensuring core values are integral to team dynamics. ChangeEngine allows you to prioritize safety communication, crucial for new hires and ongoing training in an ever-changing workforce. It helps teams skillfully navigate the complexities of new technologies, promoting safe operations and a supportive environment. By ensuring clear understanding of vital information, ChangeEngine aligns all employees with company values, proving crucial for modern enterprise success.
Boost Skills & Success
Handle evolving workforce needs in construction and manufacturing with effective communication
Promoting Diversity
Emphasize DEIB for dispersed teams with limited email access and connect them to company core values
Prioritize Safety Communication
Create clear communication in a changing workforce for safety, especially with new hires and those needing ongoing training
New Technology Adoption
Reduce friction when new technologies add complexity to communications
Overcome Communication Barriers
Ensure communications which are vital for safety, operations, and fostering of DEIB-supportive environments
Driving Core Values
Ensure every employee understands crucial information in alignment with company values
Trusted by those in the know.
See for yourself how ChangeEngine’s software and professional services can save you countless hours delivering a world-class employee experience.
The all-in-one employee comms platform.
ChangeEngine helps you breakthrough the unique industry-related challenges you face with running successful People Programs.

Communicate safety protocols effectively

Guarantee the delivery of crucial safety information to each employee, irrespective of their geographical location or their ability to access conventional communication channels. Ensure that every team member, whether on-site or remote, is well-informed about safety protocols

Enhance on-site training

Empower your workforce with essential skill development and training, regardless of their location or field-based settings. Every team member, whether on-site or remote, receives the necessary training, fostering a competent and efficient work environment

Acknowledge every achievement

Recognize and applaud the valuable contributions of every employee, especially those in non-desk roles, to foster a sense of inclusion and boost their motivation. Give every team member, regardless of their role or location, the feeling of being valued and motivated, and cultivate a more productive and harmonious work environment

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We help Construction & Manufacturing companies save hundreds of hours while delivering engaging employee comms & content with ease.

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ChangeEngine doesn't just help Construction & Manufacturing companies write and send employee comms, we get employees engaged and taking action.

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ChangeEngine's employee experience software will help you design and deliver all your employee initiatives within a single, easy to use platform
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Track employee comms and program participation with people analytics
Sending personalized internal communications has never been easier
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