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Launch on-brand internal marketing campaigns to enable your employees to champion your organization

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Unleash Creativity with People Content Creation AI

Transform your internal marketing content creation process with our AI-driven design studio. Enable rapid, multi-medium content development to create a rich always on-brand employee experience.

Understand What Works with Comms Engagement Analytics

Understand which communications are engaging employees with open rates, reaction rates and click-through rates.

Your Internal Marketing Communications Hub

Intelligent Segmentation

Automatically segment your employees by seamlessly integrating your HRIS data. Deliver messages at exactly the right time in the employee lifecycle.

Save Time with E-gifting & Swag

Integrate the personal touch of e-gifting and swag delivery into your employee experience. Utilize HR data to personalize gifts, creating memorable employee moments.

Stay Organized Using Comms Orchestration

Reduce overlap and enhance effectiveness with our internal comms orchestration tools. Segment your employees for tailored messages, ensuring comms are always relevant and timely

The leading solution for People comms, content + automation

Create workflows that do the heavy lifting for you. Send out personalized newsletters and promotional emails with absolute ease.

"Integrate, Discover, and Automate Employee Journeys and Comms"

Valeria Paz

Head of People Operations

"ChangeEngine streamlined our internal communication, marketing, and employee engagement initiatives"

Russell Davis

Chief People Officer

"Change Engine is truly a game changer for HR Teams"

Jill Saverine

EVP, Human Resources