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Technology & IT challenges.

ChangeEngine is a pivotal tool for Technology & IT sectors, allowing teams to adeptly manage the challenges of keeping pace with rapid technological advancements by facilitating continuous training on the latest innovations. It addresses the complexities of remote work, ensuring consistency and clarity in communication, a necessity in a global workforce with diverse languages and cultures. The platform emphasizes cybersecurity awareness, clearly conveying protocols and data privacy concerns to ensure adherence. In high-pressure environments with tight deadlines, ChangeEngine aids in maintaining engagement and well-being. Additionally, we streamline communication during organizational changes, such as new system adoption, ensuring effective and seamless workflow transitions in the fast-evolving Technology & IT landscape.
Tech Advancement Training
Keep on pace with emergent technology, ensuring all employees are up-to-date and trained on new innovations.
Remote Work Communication
Manage effective communication in remote or hybrid environments for consistency and clarity.
Global Workforce Challenges
Overcome language barriers and cultural differences with clear communication for a global workforce.
Cybersecurity Awareness
Effectively communicate cybersecurity protocols and data privacy concerns for employee adherence.
High-Pressure Engagement
Maintain engagement and well-being in a high-pressure industry with frequent deadlines.
Organizational Change Management
Effectively communicate changes and new system adoptions for smooth workflow transitions.
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Unify hybrid workforce communication

Boost the efficiency of your hybrid workforce by harnessing Artificial Intelligence to ensure consistent and clear communication that transcends geographical boundaries – thus streamlining interactions and fostering a unified work environment.

Cultivate a cohesive remote culture

Promote unity within your remote team by implementing cutting-edge strategies that foster a sense of shared purpose and cultivate an inclusive culture. Create a cohesive work environment that encourages collaboration and mutual respect.

Streamline global team collaboration

Elevate global teamwork by simplifying collaboration with artificial intelligent, adept at managing time zone differences and enhancing communication efficiency. Make interactions with your remote team members seamless.

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We help Technology & IT companies save hundreds of hours while delivering engaging employee comms & content with ease.

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"Being a fast-growing company, it was mission-critical to adopt an employee-centric communication strategy to create and capture moments in our employee lifecycle."
Luan Lam
Chief People Officer at Harness
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ChangeEngine's employee experience software will help you design and deliver all your employee initiatives within a single, easy to use platform
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Save time by automatically branding 500+ HR content designs
Track employee comms and program participation with people analytics
Sending personalized internal communications has never been easier
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Global People Advisor
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Anel Hazlewood
People Operations Director

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