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Hospitals & Healthcare challenges.

In the demanding environment of Hospitals & Healthcare, ChangeEngine is as a key solution to communication challenges, addressing high turnover and burnout by effectively reaching frontline workers through the channels they're already connected to. Ensure smooth operations and morale maintenance by managing communication across varied work schedules. The platform simplifies conveying crucial healthcare compliance updates, including medical license renewals and policy changes. We can play a pivotal role in implementing and communicating DEIB initiatives, fostering understanding and engagement in a diverse workforce. Additionally, ChangeEngine is instrumental in enhancing onboarding communication, facilitating successful integration into the healthcare environment. This comprehensive approach makes ChangeEngine an indispensable tool for addressing the unique communication needs in Hospitals & Healthcare.
Stabilize Healthcare Teams
Tackle high turnover and burnout in healthcare with better communication and lasting relationships.
Reach Frontline Healthcare
Overcome the challenge of limited traditional communication channels for frontline healthcare workers.
Diverse Schedule Communication
Effectively communicate diverse and demanding work schedules for boosted morale and smooth operations.
Healthcare Compliance Updates
Automate regular communication on medical license renewals and healthcare policies.
DEIB Initiatives
Implement and communicate DEIB initiatives across diverse workforces for optimum understanding and engagement.
Effective Onboarding Communication
Ensure effective communications during onboarding processes for successful practitioner integration.
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Simplify medical license renewals

Streamline the process of medical license renewals to alleviate the administrative burden, ensuring that updates are carried out promptly and adherence to regulatory compliance is maintained without fail.

Reach frontline staff via SMS

Establish a direct line of communication with frontline healthcare staff, disseminating vital updates through SMS for instantaneous reach and response. Deliver crucial information promptly, enhancing efficiency and maintaining a high level of operational readiness in your employees.

Streamline HR processes with AI.

Revolutionize the landscape of HR operations with artificial intelligence, enabling seamless processeses and fostering improved employee communication. Enhance efficiency and cultivate a more engaged and informed workforce.

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We help Hospitals & Healthcare companies save hundreds of hours while delivering engaging employee comms & content with ease.

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"ChangeEngine enhances our internal communications by enabling seamless message sharing via Slack or email without asking our employees to log into another platform. It elevates our People Operations team's organization and aesthetic appeal."
Valeria Paz
Previously Head of People Operations at Hello Alpha
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ChangeEngine doesn't just help Hospitals & Healthcare companies write and send employee comms, we get employees engaged and taking action.

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ChangeEngine's employee experience software will help you design and deliver all your employee initiatives within a single, easy to use platform
Discover how to easily create and automate employee comms delivery
Save time by automatically branding 500+ HR content designs
Track employee comms and program participation with people analytics
Sending personalized internal communications has never been easier
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Global People Advisor
Create beautiful, practical and action-orientated communications
Anel Hazlewood
People Operations Director

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