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Transport & Aviation challenges.

ChangeEngine serves as a key solution for the Transport & Aviation sectors, distributing ESG reporting to ensure clear understanding of environmental, social, and governance commitments among stakeholders and employees. We excel in engaging a diverse workforce with effective multilingual communication, aligning policies and procedures across dispersed teams. The platform prioritizes safety protocol communication, critical in frontline environments. ChangeEngine facilitates the adoption of new technologies and processes, essential for operational efficiency, through clear, concise communication. We help address the challenges of irregular hours and high-stress environments in these sectors, providing technology to deliver continuous training and updates.
ESG Report Clarity
Develop and communicate clear ESG reports to employees and stakeholders, ensuring understanding and access
Global Workforce Engagement
Effectively communicate with a global workforce in various languages for policy and procedure alignment
Safety Protocol Communication
Communicate critical safety protocols effectively across a diverse, global workforce
Tech Adoption Communication
Clearly communicate about new technologies and processes for operational efficiency
Communicate Operational Disruption
Effectively communicate external disruptions to ensure smooth operations
Engage Workers with Irregular Hours
Engage employees in a sector with irregular working hours and high-stress environments, and providing them with continuous training and updates
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ChangeEngine helps you breakthrough the unique industry-related challenges you face with running successful People Programs.

Elevate global HR comms

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline global human resources communication, ensuring clear and consistent messaging across all levels and regions. Enhance efficiency and foster a unified corporate culture.

Simplify ESG report sharing

Harness the potential of straightforward ESG report distribution to guarantee accessibility and comprehension for every stakeholder. Boost transparency and promote a shared understanding of the environmental, social, and governance responsibilities of your work.

Enhance multilingual engagement

Elevate the level of multilingual engagement, fostering effective and inclusive communication across all stakeholders. Break down language barriers and promote a shared understanding and sense of unity, even with distributed operations.

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We help Transport & Aviation companies save hundreds of hours while delivering engaging employee comms & content with ease.

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"Their library and customer success team provides us with ready-to-use copy for different EDI, employee engagement, and employee experience programs which saves us lots of time that we can use to focus on other aspects of the business. I also love that their platform allows us to set and forget global messages which are then sent to employees during their local business hours."
Jill Saverine
EVP, Human Resources at Aircastle
And the numbers don't lie.

ChangeEngine doesn't just help Transport & Aviation companies write and send employee comms, we get employees engaged and taking action.

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ChangeEngine's employee experience software will help you design and deliver all your employee initiatives within a single, easy to use platform
Discover how to easily create and automate employee comms delivery
Save time by automatically branding 500+ HR content designs
Track employee comms and program participation with people analytics
Sending personalized internal communications has never been easier
Alex Murphy
Global People Advisor
Create beautiful, practical and action-orientated communications
Anel Hazlewood
People Operations Director

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