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AI-Driven Personal Communication Tone

Upload existing comms to emulate your tone in under 2 minutes, generating tailored content with a choice of on-brand images.
AI Image Creation
Use AI to generate unique images and copy using your brand logos, tone and colors
Content Analytics
User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive Designer
Fast, user-friendly editing options
Brand Consistency
AI ensures consistent brand tone and style
Content Scheduling
Automate content to be sent at specific employee lifecycle events
Collaborative Editing
Multiple users can edit simultaneously

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ChangeEngine's employee experience software will help you design and deliver all your employee initiatives within a single, easy to use platform
Discover how to easily create and automate employee comms delivery
Save time by automatically branding 500+ HR content designs
Deliver gift cards and swag to employees
Track employee comms and program participation with people analytics
Sending personalized internal communications has never been easier
Alex Murphy
Global People Advisor
Create beautiful, practical and action-orientated communications
Anel Hazlewood
People Operations Director

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